Putting Patrons on the Map

I’m back into the final push for finishing the manuscript and have also been connecting with a number of my original contributors to make sure I have bio lines right, details updated, etc. Thanks again to all of you who’ve worked with me on these sidebar views into the real stories that make up the entire project. (There’s still time if you have not told me your story – it’s a short online survey.)

I’m especially excited about being able to print this story from Molly Rodgers. I saw a short description of her library in an article a long time ago on WebJunction and I’m really glad she agreed to tell me more about her library for the book. Molly’s story reminds me that we don’t need to have a big complicated project in order to have huge impact for the community. And check out her bio line! A kindred spirit? I think so!

Thanks Molly for your insights. It has been great working with you.

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Power of Place (Tamworth)

Though it’s a little late in posting (finally starting to catch up from being away – whew!), here’s a link to my country public libraries conference presentation in Tamworth, NSW. The conference theme was “power of place” and I talked through some of my research and discoveries around the libraries build communities project in the context of space and place as it pertains to libraries.

I am so thankful to everyone for the great feedback I’ve received thus far. From inspirations to start new library blogs all the way to re-engaging with local councils to get or retain access to the participatory web, I think it was a great match, and great timing, for me to share some of this work. As for my end of the learning, I am so grateful to have met so many committed and insightful library professionals and supporters, and to have learned about the unique challenges and opportunities (not to mention successes!) already underway in New South Wales.

Have I already thanked the State Library? Yes I think so, but I’ll keep on about it for awhile I’m sure…

more later…

…but for now I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to the state library of new south wales, the staff at tamworth city library, and the public library association of nsw – country, for inviting me to your wonderful conference. thank you also for the lovely time i had visiting with all of the conference participants from both councils and libraries around new south wales.

thank you especially to pam langridge for finding me in the first place, and for her and cathy johnston’s many layers of assistance over the course of the week.

i am pleased to be back in sydney tonight, readying myself for the state library visit on monday, but also delighted with a number of new friends i’ve made this week. thank you for your warmth and generosity, all.