Here I am again. There is so much to say in order to catch you up on things that I am going to instead say “a lot has happened” and “I look forward to being here again.” That will have to suffice for now.

Next Monday, I will have the honor and pleasure of facilitating a workshop at Aarhus Public Library’s Next Library conference. Our panel has six participants from five countries, two of them presenting virtually. We’re using a world cafe model to develop a dialog around building library communities locally. I am very excited about it and can’t wait to share some of my work with this audience. Here are my slides (re-using content that you have seen before). Thanks to my colleague Irina for her work on the title slide.

See you in Aarhus!

online survey & results

On the way home from Australia, I watched the entire ABC/AU series The Librarians on Quantas Air. Hilarious. I hope and pray that someone picks this up (it’s like The Office, but, but it’s a library!) and/or remakes it for US audiences.

But in-between episodes, I was also thinking about how the last chapter or “element” (if you will) of community building that I discuss in my talks and in the book is evaluation and iteration. It occurred to me, suddenly, that I have nothing other than anecdotal evidence for the response and/or impacts of the talks that I give (or of the ideas that I convey). I have asked specifically for feedback from the people I’ve worked with to develop or deliver some of my talks, but this was personal correspondence and, well, people are very nice when asked to do that sort of thing.

I published an online survey last week to cover all of my general speaking engagements. Eighteen people have responded thus far, all from my talks in Australia. Thank you! If you’ve seen me give a presentation, I’d welcome your feedback as well. Here’s the survey and the results as they come in. (on everything but open-ended) as they come in. Because the second section asks for email addresses, and I can’t limit the results sharing to exclude that question, I’ll post that separately at some point (or revise the survey somehow). UPDATE: now includes everything but email addresses.

In the meantime, enjoy, let me know what you think, and thanks for being a part of my own community building process!