community relations

This month, I started my new job as Community Relations director at OCLC. I can’t tell you yet what that means, since I’ve been very busy doing my old job (like, writing grants and things like that). But I am very excited about the opportunity, and will share more in coming weeks.

In the meantime, I’ll ask you a question: If OCLC’s public purpose is to “advance librarians, libraries, and librarianship” – and that is my charge – where do you think we should start?

the book is (almost) here

isn’t this fun?

you may now order it and it will be shipped to you when it is available.

book cover is here


book cover is here

I’d like to thank Jill at ALA Editions for listening to my thoughts about the book cover, and for working with me to get to the final. I really appreciate all the attention you gave to this process!

American Libraries, page 38

If you receive American Libraries (in print) and flip to page 38, you will find an article written by me that is mostly an excerpt of the first section of the book “inside, outside, and online”.  I’ve received quite a few comments via all the various channels (fb, twitter, email, f2f) and they have all been thought-provoking or conversation-starting – thank you! Still hoping that I can soon provide a link to the article on the Am Libs website.

Also, I received word yesterday that the book now has a binding date: April 27, 2009. Doesn’t that feel lovely?

In the meantime, I’m still learning how to re-write mission, vision, and elevator pitches for my updated role at WJ. It’s hard. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

more later…

…but for now I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to the state library of new south wales, the staff at tamworth city library, and the public library association of nsw – country, for inviting me to your wonderful conference. thank you also for the lovely time i had visiting with all of the conference participants from both councils and libraries around new south wales.

thank you especially to pam langridge for finding me in the first place, and for her and cathy johnston’s many layers of assistance over the course of the week.

i am pleased to be back in sydney tonight, readying myself for the state library visit on monday, but also delighted with a number of new friends i’ve made this week. thank you for your warmth and generosity, all.

not so bad

I’m at ALA in Anaheim this week and while I’m here I’m meeting with J. Michael Jeffers, the new editor-in-chief of ALA Editions about the book and about this project. I met Michael a few days ago over dinner with a large group and I’m very excited to get to know him a bit more and work with him towards (final) completion of my project.

In preparation for my meeting, I opened the the first chapter of my book in Google docs this morning and re-read that first chapter.

My very sincerest thanks today go out to Patrick Hogan for giving me the gumption to take that first *real* step towards completing this work after such a difficult winter and following.

Turns out he was right: I *am* almost finished.

Australia. Seriously.

I am very, very excited to have been invited to keynote the Country Public Libraries Association of New South WalesAnnual Conference the last week of July and then address the State Library of New South Wales the first week of August.

The conference theme is “The Power of Place” and I’ll be speaking about community building and libraries, and the connections between all our community building efforts, whether they are “inside, outside, or online” (as they say). Enormous thanks to Pam and Deanne for inviting me, and for working with me thus far on settling all the related details. I am very honored to visit Australia, to learn more about libraries there, and to share what I’ve been learning about community building and libraries in my work on the topic thus far.

Oooo. I just can’t wait! Thank you!



Many thanks to everyone again for the love in email, twitter, facebook, and comments here on the blog. Rose’s service will be held from 2 – 5pm Saturday April 5 in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. Due to their proximity to the memorial date, I’ve decided not to attend PLA nor CIL this year. I still may make it out to a few spring conferences, and if I do, I’ll let you know. I definitely hope to be back in the swing, and see many of you, at ALA in California this summer. For details on the memorial … Read more »


first day of schoolit has only been a few weeks since i last wrote. still, i opened my computer this morning and you wouldn’t believe the dust. as i type the number keys are still covered; i moved the screen away from the light so that i wouldn’t see the dust there. getting up and finding something to clean seemed like it might distract me from my impulse to get online and type something. i figure it’s a good feeling and it’s coming at about the right time.

‘feel this’ my sister Rose says to me one day in the fall of 1998, pointing to the top of her right breast. i’ll never forget the sheer terror of that moment. ‘you need to have that checked out,’ i say to her, ‘that’s not right’. turns out it wasn’t. within the month rose was diagnosed with moderately differentiated, infiltrating, adenocarcinoma, a fancy word for a relentless and chaotic form of breast cancer. she was 21; i was 24.over the next ten years Rose traveled to something like fifteen countries, often times against great physical odds, like lungs so filled with fluid that she must be wheeled from international terminal to cab and then to hospital. in addition to travel, she completed a master of fine arts in performance art and performed in international festivals on three continents. she saved skin, blood, teeth, nails, and all manner of hospital attire, documentation, and gadgets for use in her powerful performances about body, self, and illness. just after, she completed a second masters in counseling psychology, again overcoming great physical odds in order to attend courses and defend her final thesis. two years ago she fell in love and married; making future plans for work, marriage, and family life. under the gravest duress and the most challenging of circumstance, she made her plans and kept her spirit.

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i’m taking a break from finishing the book and from the blog due to illness in my family. many of you know of my sister Rosie and her experience with breast cancer over the last ten years; she started hospice this week and i’m breaking from work, travel, projects, and etc. in order to spend time with her, our family and friends. thanks already for your many kind thoughts and prayers. i hope to be back soon to libraryland – online and otherwise.

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