I welcome feedback from audiences on each of my programs with this online survey. Your responses to this survey help me improve the content and presentation of my talks, as well as influence future topics, but anyone is invited to see what audiences have to say. Many programs are posted on slideshare if you want to get a sense for my presentation content, style or slides.

As I find them, book reviews of  Inside, Outside and Online are posted here on the blog. Here’s a sampling of what readers  have to say:

Seasoned public library managers might be tempted to dismiss this book, thinking that they are already well versed in many of its topics (such as performing a needs assessment, developing a strategic plan, and marketing and evaluating services). That would be a big mistake. For what Hill offers is nothing less than a holistic vision for public libraries in the United States, centered on the library’s ability to create community. She adroitly draws on scholarship and research, examples and interviews, to create a plan for libraries that is as sharply focused as it is quietly urgent. By succeeding even more as community builders, libraries, Hill believes, can become sustainable—meaning that the public can’t live without them. Public librarians would do well to use this book as a roadmap, at least for the next decade.—Brian Kenney, Library Journal

I loved your book, and so happy to finally see someone who recognizes that library = community. (On a side note, I loved that it was well-written and very accessible. I hope it’s selling like hotcakes– all librarians should read it). —Cheryl Napsha, Westland Library Michigan

In this fluently written how-to manual, author Hill makes a potent case for community building as an essential form of service in public libraries, both for their survival and relevance and also for the needs of those Americans who find themselves “bowling alone.” —Ann Welton, Booklist

With advice on identifying the needs and desires of the communities, attracting the community, and more, “Inside, Outside, and Online” is of strong recommendation for any librarian who wants their library and their community to be successful.  James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief, Library Bookwatch

Hill, a librarian and consultant, provides practical advice and inspiration for building the library community —Annotation, Book News Inc.

Hill engages the reader to seriously think about how to make their own library community emerge successfully inside the library, in the community the library serves, and in the online community.  References, additional resources, and an index make this a valuable resource, while the writing style encourages reading from cover to cover.  This work is a must have for any library wanting to reach out beyond their present users.—Sara Marcus, American Reference Books Annual

Students in FSU’s Community Building and Libraries course posted their comments as well. Please let me know if you too have comments about my work.