I frequently travel and speak on library futures, technologies, and communities. Here you’ll find an incomplete list of where I’ve been and where I’m going, along with a few links to presentations or photo sets from the events, where I have them.  (I include my frequent visits to OCLC in Dublin OH in case anyone wants to meet up while I’m there.) Please contact me if you’d like to discuss how my presentations can contribute to your library staff day, meeting, or program.

NEXUS Advisor meeting  – Greensboro, NC (June)
eHealth & Libraries / PLA – Indianapolis (March)
ALA Midwinter – Philadelphia (January)


OCLC Public Library Meeting – Frankfurt (October)
OCLC Dublin OH (September)
OCLC Dublin OH (August)
Outside the Box – outdoor movie event – Cuyahoga County (August)
OCLC Dublin OH (August)
OCLC Dublin OH (July)
Health Happens in Libraries – kickoff – San Francisco (July)
Next Library, Aarhus Denmark (June)
Gates – PLM Capetown SA (April)
MOOCs meeting – Philadelphia (March)
OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting – Stasboug (February)
Chicago – Redbox / Outside the Box kickoff (January)
ALA Midwinter (January)

IFLA Helsinki (August)
International Library Advocacy Work Group Amsterdam (July)
ALA Anaheim CA (June)
OCLC OH (June)
DPLA Plenary Meeting CA (April)
Project Compass National Convening VA (April)
OCLC Global Council OH (April)
PLA Philadelphia PA (March)
ALA Midwinter Dallas TX (January)

Global Libraries Strategic Advisors Meeting Seattle WA (December 1-2)
National Digital Public Library Meeting Los Angeles CA (November 16-17)
TEDx Rainier Seattle WA (November 12) [watch the video]
US Libraries State Library Capacity Building Meeting (November 8-9)
OCLC Global Council Meeting Dublin OH (November 8-9)
COSLA Fall Meeting Santa Fe NM (October 24-26)
Southwest Kansas Library System Dodge City KS (October 13-15)
WebJunction Advisory Committee Meeting Dublin OH (September 29)
Global Libraries Peer Learning Meeting Seattle (September 15-16)
Association for Rural and Small Libraries Conference Dillon TX (September 8-11)
OCLC Dublin OH (August 1-5)
Global Libraries Critical Friends Meeting & Next Library Conference Aarhus Denmark (June 17-23)
Spokane Public Library Spokane WA (June 12)
Technology Benchmarks Roundtable Chicago IL (May 23-25)
OCLC Dublin OH (May 2-3)
Technology Benchmarks Roundtable Chicago IL (March 30-April 1)

*Extended Leave* Veronica Rose Hill Briggs was born on December 19, 2010
Global Libraries Critical Friends Seattle WA (December 2-3)
PNLA/WLA Victoria BC (August 11-14)
ALA Annual Conference Washington DC (June 24-30)
Project Compass Summit Denver CO (May 26-28)
Project Compass Summit Providence RI (May 5-7)
OCLC Dublin OH (April 13-14; 19-22)
Public Library Association Conference Portland OR (March 23-27)
OCLC Dublin OH (March 16-19)
Project Compass Summit Atlanta GA (March 10-12)
OCLC Dublin OH (March 1-4)
OCLC Dublin OH (January 18-20)
ALA Midwinter Meeting Boston MA (January 14-17)
OCLC Dublin OH (January 5-7)

TEDx Columbus OH (October 20) [watch the video]
InfoCamp Seattle WA (October 10-11)
Online Community Summit Sonoma CA (October 8-9)
Association for Rural and Small Libraries Annual Conference TN (September 11-13)  *
“Social Learning with Libraries” WebJunction Webinar (June 16)  *
OCLC Global Council, Dublin OH (May 19)
Montana Library Association Conference Kalispell MT(April 23-25)