Australia. Seriously.

I am very, very excited to have been invited to keynote the Country Public Libraries Association of New South WalesAnnual Conference the last week of July and then address the State Library of New South Wales the first week of August.

The conference theme is “The Power of Place” and I’ll be speaking about community building and libraries, and the connections between all our community building efforts, whether they are “inside, outside, or online” (as they say). Enormous thanks to Pam and Deanne for inviting me, and for working with me thus far on settling all the related details. I am very honored to visit Australia, to learn more about libraries there, and to share what I’ve been learning about community building and libraries in my work on the topic thus far.

Oooo. I just can’t wait! Thank you!


  1. simonfj, 20. April 2008, 13:19

    Hi from Oz,
    A word of advocacy in your shell like,

    I was just reading your comments on “it’s all good” blog, about the death star. I was also reading a bunch of comments from people who are trying to communicate but simply don’t have a library who will provide them with a “platform for collaboration”.

    There’s no great secrets why. The silos will just NOT offer a place where groups or committees can communicate, above the radar, on a regular basis, in an online environment that stands between their .org silos. All we have is a bunch of very nice, well intentioned people who pump out their ideas from remote blogs, at different times, in a different place and then get a few posts of feedback before they stumble to the next self regulated remote conversation. And calling professional people well intentioned is one of the greatest insults.

    Either that or so little it’s hardly worth bothering.

    If we’re really lucky, some faint form of communication might register from some well buried forum, to talk about spring cleaning of their antiquated hodge podgy, before everything “gets back to normal”.
    or maybe the service just doesn’t work as WJ blogs don’t at the moment (link above).

    PLEASE chrystie. I was hoping so much that Webjunction’s staff might look out from their complacent end of the library world, and just for once, attempt to look at what the communities which don’t revolve around its libraries are doing. Look at what the virtual (global) communities are doing to compensate for the lack of a communication platform that spans institutions.

    I’m not saying the OCLC is any different than from most other death star. They do tend to suck the attention of culturally centric satellites. But could we just for once try a little outreach, above the radar, from a place which has some aesthetic appeal and intuitive navigation.

    I’d really like to introduce a few real time tools which would help to support the GLOBAL groups which are so frustrated at ‘their’ institutions lack of perception, and try and be inclusive. So I’m talking collaboration with people with ideas like this.

    Could we also try and be good builders/renovators, and measure three times before we cut. If we can design an attractive platform for collaboration, you might find that you and so many others can have an online “place” to reach out from which doesn’t require people to be trained. Woof!

  2. Chrystie, 24. April 2008, 23:45

    you speak. i listen.

    the new wj will have group functionality that allows anyone to form a group, publish discussions and content, and do their planning out in the open. we’ve tried to design it well in terms of both navigation and look and feel. we’ve received help and assistance along the way from our members and partners. i hope you’ll get involved over there if you want to provide your input.