Many thanks to everyone again for the love in email, twitter, facebook, and comments here on the blog. Rose’s service will be held from 2 – 5pm Saturday April 5 in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. Due to their proximity to the memorial date, I’ve decided not to attend PLA nor CIL this year. I still may make it out to a few spring conferences, and if I do, I’ll let you know. I definitely hope to be back in the swing, and see many of you, at ALA in California this summer. For details on the memorial …

In true form, Rose left us with some instructions on how she’d like her service to go. In addition to a few specific requests, Rose wanted everyone to be invited to an open forum to share their remembrances ~ in whatever form. Guests are free to tell a story, share a poem, sing or play a song, show a work of art, perform a dance, or do anything that captures Rose and their relationship with her in a way that they would like to share with others in her life (you can also just bring yourself and observe). The service will be facilitated by Deb Jarvis, chaplain from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. We look forward to all the sharing and listening, and hope that everyone touched by Rosie’s life will be able to join us: Graham Visitors Center, 2300 Arboretum Drive East, Seattle 98112,

Many have asked about remembrances of Rose with a memorial donation. She specified two charities that were very important to her, but would give people a choice based on their own passions. To support the general fight to cure cancer as well as improve the lives and treatments available to those living with it, please donate to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center here in Seattle: For a more community-based, grassroots alternative, please donate to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Many years ago, Rose was one of their first non-AIDS clients to receive in-home food and help from the Chicken Soup Brigade (now LLAA) and was always very grateful for their assistance:


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  2. simonfj, 20. April 2008, 13:55

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I know what you must be feeling.
    My lady has the same terminal complaint.
    So you’ll excuse the shrill sound of my advocacy for my last post.
    I meant very word but you’ll understand the frustration and anger.
    We all want to feel that we might have some influence on the stupidities of this world. Some we can and some we can’t.

    Working at what we might improve makes such a nice distraction from the holes in our life left by loving relationships which are gone (going). So I just have to work at this now, and state the obvious.

    We live in family, then communities, then society. Society invents institutions as a way to manage the routine things and make them easy for communities.

    We live in a globalizing world manned by national centric institutions. The institutions are trying to change as fast their globalizing communities. They’re having a hard time because their routines and perspectives are increasingly at odds with the “real” world. This message is from Australia. My next post is in the UK. We always have to split our conversations between nationally centric.orgs to talk to the same group with an interest.

    But we all share small joys and great sorrows. People are the only things that really matter and Love is what helps us count them. The rest is just window dressing for our amusement. So amuse yourself with things; don’t take them all that seriously. And give Rose a little of your time each day.

    Look after yourself, simon