cooking for one + deadline

I’ve been in Columbus for work, and haven’t put much thought to text this week as a result. Still, the deadline is looming. And I don’t know, as it is looming so, whether or not I’ll be able to use this space to work out my thoughts as much (too late for that!). We’ll see how the next month or so plays out. I may just use the space here to get some reprieve from the serious word crunching I’m now doing over in Google docs.
In that spirit, I’ll simply share that I just ate a single portion of penne pasta with canned (although very good – and spicy!) spaghetti sauce. And yes, I could barely spare the time to transfer this gorgeous feast from saucepan to pasta bowl. But did it do the trick? Yes. I’m rejuvenated and looking forward to finishing up another chapter this weekend (she says as she knocks on wood).

BTW, it has been fun reading all your fave non-lib blogs. Thanks for humoring me! Yarnstorm is amazing! But does this mean that my friends at WebJunction are no longer ego-surfing? No! It can’t be so! 🙂