tweets for teams

You may remember that I once said that the most important piece of information in the lives of my peers is “what are my friends doing?”

Enter twitter, which I’ve been playing with for about a week now. It’s fun! I have four “friends” and four people following me (not sure what I’d do with more!). One is a colleague that I work with at the WJ, another is a colleague that I’m writing with on this blog, another is a colleague that is a friend of a friend, another is someone I’ve never met – they added me so I added them. So, I’ve got four distinct channels coming into a single feed to my treo by txt, and on the web (when I check it, which has been about once every other day). After about the first or second day I realized that it would be most beneficial to be able to aggregate particular individuals into their own twitter channels, so that all my WJ tweets come into one stream, all my other library pals into another, all my friends into another, and so on. Then, yes, it could be extremely useful (and still fun!). I didn’t do /much/ investigating, but it does seem that twitter doesn’t support said “channels” and other people have been vaguely complaining about this a bit on their blogs in the OC space. (Does it? If you know something I don’t know, pray tell!) In short, if you have a large group of friends who don’t know each other and you can’t really compartmentalize your interactions with people, it’s sort of annoying.
Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered this link (hat tip to Nancy White) on how to create a custom group in twitter. I haven’t tried it yet, but this could get (more) interesting.