This meme started with Rachel Singer Gordon, but Helene Blowers was the one who tagged me, so here I am with my non-biblioblogs that I enjoy reading right now.
There’s a theme here: all of these’re concerned with online community building and/or social networking. Enjoy.

Smart Mobs – mobile, wireless, and pervasive computing for collective action. Giddy up.

Many 2 Many – a group blog on social software, including danah boyd and Clay Shirky. Crushable. Brain Candy. Yum.

Online Community Report – from my good friends at Forum One. Check out their online community jobs feed from Who knew there were so many cool jobs out there (beyond LibraryLand)?

Full Circle – Seattle-based online interaction consultant Nancy White keeps me in the know on new social tools, as well as thoughtful commentary on their purpose, especially for non-profits. It’s also fun to stay connected to the local geek crowd, since most of my work is focused on the national scale. On these points I also read Social Signal (Vancouver) and Common Craft (Seattle).

A Whole Lotta Nothing – from Matt Haughey, the guy who started MetaFilter. Wikipedia says that he’s a “leader in online communities,” but I read his stuff because he’s super smart and I learn a lot from him. (One time he pointed to one of my posts and I was so very proud of myself!)
I agree with Rachel that we can all fall prey to the inbred, repetitive, patting of each other on the backs. It has been fun seeing what some of us are reading outside of our own worlds! So, thanks to Rachel for starting this one. Now, who shall I tag? I think I’ll go with my WJ/OCLC colleagues. (Apparently, we’re the poster-children for inbred, repetitive, patting of each others backs anyway, so why not?!) To my friends at Libraryman, The Pacific, BlogJunction, It’s All Good, and Mr. Lorcan Dempsey – you’re (all) ‘it’. Have fun.