read, read, write.

it’s funny how personal lives can be happening perpendicular rather than parallel to your professional life. that’s how i’ve felt lately. some of it started last fall and i thought it was just gonna be a rough patch. the ebb and flow of a typical person’s typical personal life. but then, challenge after challenge continued on through the winter. and even though we’re still talking February, i’ve watched my herbs, bulbs, and even rose bushes sprout new life in the last couple of weeks. i said the new year was gonna be it, but i’ve changed that to springtime. i can feel a huge shift coming – and it’s pulling the perpendicularity of the personal into parallel with the professional. not only can i feel it, i trust it. we’ll see if i’m right.

all of this has all culminated in a lovely new home for me in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. this new home has internet access, a desk, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of light, just to name a few of its refreshing qualities. i think it’s gonna be just the thing for facilitating said seismic shifts, but also just the thing for finishing said seismic works (the book!).

on my way to and from anywhere, i now pass the lovely new Beacon Hill library. this is the closest i’ve lived to a Seattle branch – i usually head downtown to the central library. every time i pass, it looks livelier than the last. i just may stop in and change my neighborhood setting. again, we’ll see. i do need to get back to three or four items that have fallen off my hold list while the rest of my life was circulating.

meanwhile, my small friend Lucia (age 2), who makes much more use of her neighborhood branch than i do, has recently taken to commanding “read, read, read” when any adult is within ear-shot. these commands have inspired this shirt, worn by Lucia’s mom to a recent social gathering.


i’m going to get one of these shirts for myself. (you can buy one too if you want, just let me know.) not only do i think it precious that Lucia’s mom has captured this demand on a hipster t-shirt, i also think Lucia has a good point. i’ve not had one second to either read (or write) of late. u have a new stack of books by my bed. some are research for the book, some i started reading last summer but never finished, some are new and i’ve never even cracked ’em. When seismic shifts are upon you, what else is there to do but read, read, read?

and then, of course, write, write, write.