community-contributed content (for books)

I am super excited that as my writing of the first draft of our marketing chapter wrapped up, I had two fantastic conversations with library-land folks about writing selected sidebars. I’m really hoping this works its way into other areas of the book as well, because it’s a nice way for us to (1) engage more of the library community in the concepts and writing process and (2) get into a little bit more detail on a small section, concept, example, or what have you.

(And, wouldn’t you know it, it was super easy to just create a new collaborative document (using Google docs, formerly writely) to start to work on that stuff on the web together – and for me it’s all in the context of the writing / collection that I’m working on with Steven. I’m really starting to see the potential for something like this to be extremely powerful for quickly and easily collaborating with others for book-length projects.)
So, anyway, many thanks to Brian Matthews and Jill Stover for talking with me about these ideas. I’m really excited to see where they go from here. Please do check out their blogs for some stimulating marketing ideas for your library in the meantime.