your fave library/marketing blogs

i’m curious – those of you already interested in marketing – what are your fave library related marketing blogs? please let me know so that i can add them to my feed while i’m working on this marketing piece.

and favorite non-library-related marketing blogs? throw a few of those in there too for good measure if you’d like.

and while i’m here: no-one replied to my latest question about how we should address the marketing/libraries issue. maybe that’s because no one has an answer about how to resolve the misconceptions around marketing and profit sector. or, maybe it’s because we’re already ‘over it’ and nobody (reading this blog) really cares about the misconceptions anymore. i’m curious about this (still) because i’m finding as i write this chapter that i keep usingĀ  words like “customer” and “product” – yes, even in the context of community building i find myself going there. it feels like there is a tension here that i need to resolve with some consistent use of language. or, am i just finding things to fret about and i just need to move on?