lost post

last night I posted a thank you to everyone who sent in email and comments on my last questions. and even more thanks for the short diversion. now i’m back to “the grind” and that is: thinking more about marketing and libraries so that i can get on with my present chapter.
i have no idea where my post went, so i’ll try to recreate it (how annoying).

the item (ok, one of them) that is left unsettled for me in all of my thinking about marketing and libraries is how we should talk about it. should we frame this discussion as “advocacy” or “outreach” and in a context of “this is stuff that libraries have always done – you can do it!” or should we just be a little more blunt and face the whole private sector business speak that we (esp public sector librarians) typically avoid?  business-folk are  ultimately better at marketing – they just are – and it’s not because they are smarter or sexier or even swarmier – they just have the training and experience that most of us did not get in library school. but does saying that put people off and make the concepts behind it (the practical stuff we really need to get to) inaccessible?

Would love to hear from anyone that’s responsible for marketing in their library. what’s worked for you in terms of talking about it with your colleagues?