five years in

Are you between five and ten years into your career as a library or information professional? If yes, a few questions for you:

-What has been the most surprising thing about your first five years? (This is another version of “What do you wish you had learned in library school, but didn’t?”) How did you cope or respond to this surprise?

-In what ways have you changed, grown, or learned now that you have a bit more experience under your belt? Have your early career goals or intentions changed?

-What’s the most effective way you’ve found to impact your workplace and the profession?

-What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve found to impact your workplace and the profession?

-How do you stay connected to colleagues and peers – in your organization and beyond?
Don’t feel you need to answer all of the questions – you can just pick one or two and add your thoughts. I’m taking a short break from the marketing stuff to think on the “staying engaged” aspect of community building and library practice and I’d love to have your perspectives! Please reply by comment or privately by email – I’ll contact you for confirmation before we put anything you have to say into print.

Thanks as always…