inside and online

Have others been watching the il2006 wiki come to life in prep for the conference next week? It’s a great example of using a collaborative online space to set the stage for a physical gathering. Creating connections between physical and online gatherings (before, after, during) can be powerful testimony to the fact that the tech tools we use make new things possible – and also to the fact that it is always so much more about the connections we make through them. I’d love it if someone would set up an IRC chat during the sessions so that we could provide commentary & annotations to the speakers in the sessions as they go on. We did this at the last two online community summits I attended and it was pretty cool – though you do have to get pretty good at partial attention! Does anyone else know if this is planned for IL already? I don’t know how to do it (as I’ve only joined IRC, not set one up) but I’d be happy to try this if anyone else is game.