a community for people who love books

While at the Online Community Summit last week in beautiful (though a little rainy) Sonoma, I learned about wetpaint. It’s an online tool that let’s you create an online community about anything. Essentially, they’re taking the techy out of the wiki and making it (more than) super easy for anyone to set up a community about anything. Even the big guys (like ABC) are linking to them (for their LOST enthusiasts) instead of hosting communities of their own. Wouldn’t you know it that Nancy Pearl has her Book Lust Community set up there. A community, she says, for people who love books. Now, who could that be?

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  1. Michael Wagner, 25. November 2006, 15:43

    Thanks for the heads up on “wetpaint”!

    Love the idea that a tool exist the makes it easy to form and be part of a community of learners.

    Will check it out.

    Always appreciate your extending of important conversations!

    Keep creating, Mike