stats, plans, standards, and results

Thanks to Kathleen (de la Pena McCook), I finally found the overview/context for evaluation movements (for public libraries) that I was looking for. In chapter four of her Introduction to Public Librarianship (Neal-Schuman, 2004), she outlines public library evaluation practice “from faith to fact,” through the standards & outputs/role setting movements, and on to new planning for results and outcomes based eval.

Thank you Kathleen! I don’t remember spending a lot of time on this in library school (did I just forget?) and I’ve been struggling to make sense (historically) on all that I’ve been taking in on this subject lately. For anyone who’s trying to put OBE and NPFR in context, it’s worth tracking down and taking 20 minutes to get yourself oriented! Now I feel like I’m (getting close to being) ready to make the connections to building community that are certainly there … yet somehow get lost in all the hoopla.

And many thanks to Kathleen for your continued interest in my process!


  1. Kathleen de la Pena McCook, 8. August 2006, 11:55

    Since the long run up to electronic data gathering is now almost like stringing telegraph wires it is unlikely that many LIS programs would spend much time on that process. But I very much wanted the history to be there for anyone in the 21st century who wanted to follow the process. Thank you for taking note. Many of the pioneers are still active in the field.
    For anyone who wants a longer analysis I suggest Verna Pungitore’s monograph, Innovation and the Library: The Adoption of New Ideas in Public Libraries (Greenwood, 1995). It is a classic.