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In Joseph Matthews’ Measuring for Results (2004) he mentions that input measures have been used by SLA’s and ALA to develop minimum library standards. I looked around and found a few “Minimum Library Standards” still published on SLA sites. It doesn’t look like there’s still a standards committee at PLA and I wasn’t able to find any “minimum standards for library service” (or the like) posted on ALAs site. The article Matthews references was published by PLA in 1967 (!). Anything still out there on this? Or … are we talking ancient history here? (just curious. thanks in advance for any info you may have. and yes, i am being a bit lazy by asking here before i dig deeper.)


  1. Kathleen de la Pena McCook, 23. July 2006, 21:27

    I summarize the history of standards in “Statistics, Standards, Planning and Results” in my Introduction to Public Librarianship (Neal-Schuman, 2004). See pp.83-106 plus Appendix B, “Bibliography of National Statistics on Public Libraries, ” pp.375-383. [sorry it isn’t online].
    One example that IS online: Florida Library Association, Public Library Standards, 2004.
    You might also find this article helpful:
    Moorman, John A. “Standards for Public Libraries: A Study in Quantitative Measures of Library Performance as Found in State Public Library Documents.” Public Libraries 36 (Jan/Feb 1997): 32-39.

  2. sylvie szafranski, 24. July 2006, 10:20

    Florida has just uptaded the standards for public libraries for 2006
    finde the reives version at:

  3. sylvie szafranski, 24. July 2006, 10:25

    “find the revised version at”
    (but you all knew that, right)
    sorry about the haste.

  4. Kathleen de la Pena McCook, 24. July 2006, 10:57

    Maybe they could take down the old (2004) ones–I didn’t find the redirect and am glad to have it.
    But the real point here is that state standards are under ongoing review.

  5. Kathleen de la Pena McCook, 24. July 2006, 11:02

    Another project– Normative Data Project (NDP) worth a look

  6. Katharine Phenix, 25. July 2006, 22:37

    I found Colorado standards here:

    I learned a great deal about standards in library school back in 1980.

  7. Chrystie, 27. July 2006, 23:55

    this is very helpful – thank you! i knew that several SLAs had published standards, helpful to have quick links to these. many thanks!

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    Lovely Rita (citaat..)…