Minneapolis Public Library

A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Minneapolis Public Library’s new central branch – just opened in May. I visited with my colleague from WebJunction just after our visit with the state library, Metronet & MINITEX on WebJunction Minnesota (launching next month).

Impressive! The building is light, open, welcoming and … busy! Art installations were plentiful, the fireplaces inviting, and in the teen center you could write on the walls! A quick visit to the central library site and you’ll see that they’ve asked anyone who took pictures at the opening to post on Flickr and tag with “Minneapolis” and “library”. Smart. That’s how I found this lovely picture of my favorite feature: the birch in flagstone.

Perhaps even more impressive than the building, however, was the terrific launch campaign that went along with. The idea is that you can find all the cultural “regulars” at the library – ben franklin, elvis, batgirl … the list goes on … but also find yourself there (pictures of them, pictures of you). Genius.
Perfect timing because I’m turning my attentions to marketing and communications as my next piece of the community building puzzle. (Yes, that means I’m done with evaluation – at least for now. Thanks again for all your input … there are still questions to be answered … we’ll circle back ’round to them.)
It has been sunny here the last month or so. When it’s nice in Seattle your only concern is (or should be) how lovely and perfect our city is. I have been writing on schedule, but not one second more, hence my not being found on these pages lately. But it’s raining tonight, for the first time in awhile, and I’m hoping the rain and Fall in general will be more condusive to the tappity tap I seem to be willing to get back to today. We’ll see…