fire it up with a radio show

tomorrow I do a radio segment on this show: Fire it Up (updated link) with CJ. It’s on a local talk station in the northeast, but also picked up by an subscription service called transformation radio. neat! i am looking forward to my first radio interview. we’re doing two segments, each under 15 minutes.

first, we’ll be talking about the values, principles, and roles of the public library.
second, we’ll be talking about transformations currently taking place in libraries, and the future of libraries in a digital age.

in my comments, I’ll be briefly noting what libraries have meant to me personally, and sharing stories of the impacts that libraries have had communities around the globe. I’ll share stories from Bangladesh, Africa, Denmark, and here in the U.S. I also plan to point to recent research (impact study and technology and public library study) that indicates the status and impacts of technology in libraries; if i get the chance, I’ll talk about the role of librarians in this incredibly complex ecosystem.

if it’s any good (cross your fingers for me around 1PM pacific time tomorrow), I’ll post it here.

my co-guest tomorrow is the guy who started world-reader, a philanthropic enterprise that brings digital books to areas, like Bangladesh, that may not otherwise have access to them. it’s a paradox, right, that American citizens are now barred from public access to some digital content in this country because they are not available via U.S. libraries? It’s a striking inequity, and I hope I get the chance to bring this up as well.


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