Lovely Rita

Travel and vacation all complete, I’m back home to my job and our LBC project. (Photos of Estonia are posted on Flickr for anyone who wants to see – though they’re certainly not titled or tagged just yet.) While I was away our fabulous editor delivered comments on our first chapter. Essentially, it seems we’re on the right track, though I feel that we still have much to do (such as, write the rest of it!) before it’s ready for primetime. Still, it’s great to have a first round of feedback. Steven and I will likely debate when it’s ready for the blog. I admit that I’m a little chicken. What do you all think, should we post the first chapter? How “baked” should it be before we post it?

Meanwhile, I’m extremely thrilled with the continuing response to our online survey – posted earlier this month in the “about you” section of the blog. (Last entry was today, just three hours ago.) Thanks for writing in, everyone! My favorite part of this research process so far continues to be the positive vibe that our colleagues write in with. That last question about advice for other community building librarians has turned into a real gold mine of good humor and inspiration. For example, after asking I’m wondering if you’d like my answers. I’m dutch and maybe you only like answers from the USA ? Rita Niland at Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Netherlands advises:

You need crazy volunteers and crazy librarians to make good things …

Excellent. Finally, someone has us all pegged! For the record, Rita, we l-o-v-e your answers. Thank you!