In the morning I’m headed out for a ten day trip to Estonia where my sister is studying jewelry design on her Fulbright scholarship. Yes, she is fancy! I am hoping to visit libraries during my time there, and will spend some time simply relaxing - and reading things I don’t seem to have the mental space for at home. For this project, I hope to finish How Libraries and Librarians Help, and also the pertinent sections of Slam Dunks and No-Brainers (which has a whole chapter on “community centered” language!). Because my flights are something like 24 hours (taken all together), maybe I’ll also pick up some trashy paperback in one of the many airports I’ll be touring on my way there.

Steven posted yesterday about the sirsi-dynix latest publication of Upstream. It’s all good stuff - and it’s great to hear from a number of library leaders on the subject of libraries building community. Cathy Wilt from PALINET talks about Joe Lucia at Falvey Memorial Library in her response to Steven’s question. “The social dimension of the library,” says Joe, “is almost as important as its physical and digital collections.” This belief has transformed their library programs, Web presence, and physical spaces - most likely engaging their community even further in the library’s collection. The key message here: collections are not our greatest asset if we can’t get people connected to them. Thanks to Cathy for pointing us to this great example of community building for academic libraries!

See you all in a coupla weeks!


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