film + community = change

The Film Connection is an online national public film library that provides films and film programming (for free!) to local film groups all over the country. They started after 9/11 with a vision for creating community conversation around film for positive social change. When you receive a film in the mail, much like netflix, you get a return envelope and a suggested deadline for its return. The barcode sticker on the DVD sleve is stamped with the inscription “Film + Community = Change.” TFC’s website provides space for online film ratings, reviews and film group stories – along with support for facilitating intentional conversation around the film (both locally and online).

Anyone can start a film group and become a TFC patron. I encourage anyone who’s interested in film and starting a local community building project to check this out. Might even be a nice way to do some film programming for your library. In the meantime, I hope to connect with one of TFC founders for an interview. I’ll keep you posted!



  1. Laura, 3. April 2006, 15:05

    Sounds neat, but their terms state that you can’t show the films in a public place–which kind of rules out libraries.

  2. Chrystie, 3. April 2006, 15:15

    Hey Laura, you’re right about the terms – but I wonder if it’d be possible to get around this by reserving a library meeting room, and then screening the film to a dedicated “film group” that’s managed through registrations. If you limit the attendees due to capacity of the room or what have you, same as you would a training class, then I think it’d not officially be screening in public – but I’m not a lawyer! – may be worth connecting w/ TFC to get the deets on this. I’ll look into it!

  3. Chrystie, 4. April 2006, 22:36

    Follow up: TFC’s ED just sent me a reply to my request for an interview. We’ll be getting together some time this month. I’ll check in with her about an further information on public screenings and post here. Thanks again Laura!