film + community = change

The Film Connection is an online national public film library that provides films and film programming (for free!) to local film groups all over the country. They started after 9/11 with a vision for creating community conversation around film for positive social change. When you receive a film in the mail, much like netflix, you get a return envelope and a suggested deadline for its return. The barcode sticker on the DVD sleve is stamped with the inscription “Film + Community = Change.” TFC’s website provides space for online film ratings, reviews and film group stories – along with support for facilitating intentional conversation around the film (both locally and online).

Anyone can start a film group and become a TFC patron. I encourage anyone who’s interested in film and starting a local community building project to check this out. Might even be a nice way to do some film programming for your library. In the meantime, I hope to connect with one of TFC founders for an interview. I’ll keep you posted!