interview questions

Steven and I finally have a list of standard questions for our interviews of library staff working on community building projects. I’ve been working on finessing the language so that the questions get right to the point, yet are wide enough in scope to help us get to the unexpected! Here’s where we are…




Tell us about you and your career path as it relates to libraries.

Tell us about your library now – including your role there.

What draws you to community building as a framework for library practice?

What are your library’s short-term and long-term goals for community building?

Can you think of a project or program you’ve worked on as an example of community building in libraries?

What was required in terms of cost, hours and staff involvement?

Where do the resources (staff, funding) come from to support this project? Are they resources sustainable to support the project long-term?

What have been the impacts or outcomes of the program/project? Did you meet your goals? how was this measured? (Alternately, what are the expected outcomes? How will you measure them?)

If you could offer any advice to other libraries about community building, what would it be?

What do you wish you could do, but don’t have time or resources for?

Anything else you think is important that we may have missed?

We’d love to get some feedback on this question set. Any ideas or comments? We were also thinking of putting this up as a web form on the blog site, but wonder if we should just do an online survey through survey monkey or the like. Any suggestions on that front would also be much appreciated!