u be techier than me

We have been working on a standard set of interview questions for our research. I think we’re almost there, and I’ve even tried them out on two “real” librarians (thanks John, thanks Sharon). The idea is that we’ll put up the questons here on our contact page, and then take submissions from y’all about you, your libraries, and your community building projects. We hope to get lots of them, we hope that the standard questions will help us stay organized.

That said, I haven’ t had time to figure out if there’s any easy way to put up a Web form in our happy little WordPress blog. Anyone know how to do that? Want to volunteer to help us out?


  1. Steve, 4. April 2006, 15:51

    Sorry, can’t help with the techie thing, but I think this is a pretty exciting project. If you want more “real librarians” (are those ironic quotes?) to help, I’d be happy to. Particularly, I am very interested in the idea of the library role as a community catalyst, a tool in a communities ecnomic development kit and as a center of civic involvement.

  2. Chrystie, 4. April 2006, 22:34

    Hi Steve, it’s nice to meet you – and find another kindred community builder! Thanks for your comment on my post (even if you’re not gonna build us our webform! 🙂 )

    I’d love to talk with you more about our project. Steven and I are in the process of finalizing our initial survey questions. Perhaps you would be willing to reply and circulate the survey for us? Stay in touch!!