book review #3

these book reviews are facinating to me. but i’m starting to wonder — to you? maybe that’s a sign that i should stop posting them? tell me what you think…

at any rate, here’s the third book review.

A library is more than a building that grants access to information. “Inside, Outside, and Online: Building Your Library Community” is a guide for librarians to adapting one’s library to the community around it. Every community is different, and therefore every library should be different to suit local needs. With advice on identifying the needs and desires of the communities, attracting the community, and more, “Inside, Outside, and Online” is of strong recommendation for any librarian who wants their library and their community to be successful – Library Bookwatch, James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief, September 2009.

i checked in with my ALA Editions representative and she said that the book was sent to Library Journal for potential review, but I have not seen it there yet – hoping it makes it, still. i am so grateful for this feedback. it’s really great to hear and gives me quite the boost for continuing the conversation, so, thank you.