book review #2

This is exciting. Another positive book review, this one published in Reference & Research Book News (August 2009). It’s really great to hear that this reviewer recognizes (can I go so far as to say appreciates?) the “scholarly and historical context” that I provide for the community building elements you all told me about in our research. My thesis advisors from Sarah Lawrence College (where I got my MA in History) would be so proud…

Hill, a librarian and consultant, provides practical advice and inspiration for building the library community through identifying user needs and designing services to meet those needs, engaging communities with service selection and creation, and using new technologies. The book begins by setting the author’s research in context with broader scholarship, research, and trends. It examines ways in which both people and libraries have been impacted by recent developments in networks, technology, and community, and looks at the implications these developments have raised for library practice. Stressing the urgent need for libraries to consider their work thorough the lens of building community, the author outlines the components of community building, drawing on the experiences of libraries surveyed in her research, and sets each component in its historical and scholarly context. (Annotation ©2009 Book News Inc. Portland, OR)

In other news, I’d like to thank Cheryl Napsha for her excellent suggestion (via email) about a refreshed direction for this blog. I’m thinking more about it, but I think she’s definitely onto something. I’ll leave it a mystery, for now, but it’s amazing what sorts of ideas and blessings come to you when you put questions out into the universe. I tell ya. Amazing.