ten things i did today, online

1. came back from being out sick a few days (twitter)
2. uncovered the basics of ordering a pre-roasted organic turkey for nine people (whole foods)
3. listened to my customized “chet baker channel” (pandora)
4. bought two clamp lamps for my closet (target)
5. decided to try a new kind of cranberry sauce (after some time at cooks illustrated)
6. looked for acceptable slippers for my bf, since we have concrete floors and he’s a stupid vegetarian (i say that with love; nordstrom, macys)
7. listened to an interview that cindi trainor did with karen schneider, edited by david free (soon to be up on webjunction; gmail)
8. checked in on what i missed in Minnesota via live tweeting (search.twitter; friendfeed)
9. market research around online learning and education reform (OCLC library)
10. filled in a “my idea” form for Mr. Obama (barakobama.com)