well, well … it’s ‘done’

Last week I sent a first and what I hope will be ‘final’ manuscript to my publisher. So far, so good. He says he likes the book, that ALA Editions wants to do a Janurary article about me and the book, and they’d like me to start thinking about “web extras”. They also asked for Rachel MacNeiley’s info so they could contact her about a program book. Go Rachel! That story just keeps getting air-time, but it’s because Rachel is such a kick-ass librarian. Back to the book: aside from this blog, it’s hard to imagine what else the web extras should contain. Perhaps links to everything digital that I mention in the book? Back to the kick-ass: listen to my outright expletive in my latest post on BlogJunction. Could I get in trouble for that?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a second project. There’s the movers & shakers survey for LJ and I’m thinking about expanding this into a larger research project for all library professionals about innovation and institutional support for it. For those M&S’s who took the survey, or worked with me on it,  or are simply interested in the topic, would you like to expand this project with me?

Third, with a few other folks, I’ve started an oral history project called “Community First” about mentoring, community, and library leadership (through technology). The first few pieces of the project are published here: http://www.webjunction.org/community-first. Please visit the site and let us know what you think and/or if you’d like to join the effort. The folks at LITA National Forum seemed engaged in the topic but one audience member said to me “young librarians don’t need our permission to innovate. why do you care what we think? just do it!” I agree that sometimes that’s necessary, but the purpose of this project is to keep that from being necessary.

In other news, Francine Fialkoff took note of my commentary on the LJ+AL controversy in her editorial Librarians Too Annoyed. I couldn’t agree with her more.

What will Libraries Build Communities become now that the book upon which it was based is done? I’m not sure, but I’m currently reading Management Gurus and Blue Ocean Strategy. I’m hoping to avoid business school, but learn all I can about business practices on the side and on the job as I work my way towards some next step view of how community building and business practices can come together for libraries and for general social good.

See. Still lots to think about…