State Library of New South Wales

Heart-felt thanks to Leanne Perry and all the staff at the State Library of New South Wales for a fabulous visit to their library, for arranging the library tour and a visit to the center house library in Sydney, and finally for bringing me out to Australia for the public county library conference in Tamworth in the first place!

It was such an inspiration to visit this library. The staff there is incredibly resourceful and very interested in supporting all their public libraries across the state. I was very impressed with the leadership in the library, beginning with the State Librarian Regina Sutton, and all the way through to every staff member that I met while I was there. The organization has recently completed a new strategic plan, updating vision, mission, and goals, as well as reorganizing to support the new organization. (Sounds familiar – we are going through a similar transition at WebJunction.) It’s a great time to be a librarian in New South Wales!

I’m currently putting together my “video diary” of the libraries and librarians I visited with while in Australia – if you want a sneak preview visit me on youtube (I’ll be posting more later when I have a more complete set).

Again, heart-felt thanks to Leanne and everyone at the State Library. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and visiting with you all.