i’m a happy person

this is what i talk about on twitter:


  1. Chris Warren, 22. May 2008, 0:04

    How did you generate that tag cloud?

  2. Emily Inlow-Hood, 22. May 2008, 20:31

    my question too!

  3. Chrystie, 2. June 2008, 16:53

    tweetstats.com by @dacort

  4. althea, 5. August 2008, 3:05

    The best way is probably to post replies to comments in Twitter in Twitter and replies to a blog post in the blog post. The back and forth can drive people crazy if they are not active in both. The comments inline with the content makes it easier for others to follow and chime in. Then again, the benefit of doing the cross posting of replies is that it pulls in people from each medium into the other and possibly leads to a richer interaction.

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